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graphics for emos
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to help keep this community organized all posts must be approved first by me (____blackmyeyes) please make sure you follow the rules when posting x x x x x x x x x x x x x all new members must now fill out the members application in order to join. please make sure you also read all the rules if you wish to become a member. TO ALL CURRENT MEMBERS please make sure you have a link back to this community (either through our banner or a text link) by April 24th. if you still don't have a link back on April 25th then you will be banned, but will be able to re-apply after 7 days x x x x x x x x x x x x x i am still taking applicants for new moderators, and will be until May 17th. if you want to be a mod, please fill out the application as fully as you can and email it to me x x x x x x x x x x x x x we now have TWO new affiliates! emo_icon and emocore_graphix have both affiliated with us. make sure you check both communitys out!

Yo and hello! Welcome to, graphics4emos; a livejournal community created by me, ____blackmyeyes. If you've ever hated having to search through a communities calendar for a certain graphic you've wanted then look no further. I try and make this community as organized as humanly possible, so you don't have to spend huge amounts of time looking for something as simple as an icon or a friends-only banner. I hope you join us, post your graphics and keep comming back to graphics4emos!

|001| DO NOT direct link or steal graphics. i'll find you and send my evil closet monkey after you
|002| always credit when you take someone's graphics, even if they say you don't have to. and ALWAYS comment, no matter what
|003| do not harrass other members. you will be permanatly banned

|001| put our promotion button (you don't have do anything but copy and paste the code) or your own text link in your user info BEFORE joining
|002| EMAIL the membership application to me. DO NOT POST IT!
|003| after you email the application to me please wait patiently for an answer back. do not hassle me or contact me over instant messenger. i have a life, other than this community, as hard as that is to believe
|004| don't join this community just to take other people's graphics. try and contribute, too! if i don't see that you aren't active in this community for over a month then i'll take you off the members list

|001| this is a graphics community. please only post graphics
|002| it's great how you saw so-and-so at a concert or wherever last night, but that kind of stuff is for your journal, or communities related to the band
|003| DO NOT post asking if anybody has extra tickets to a concert or if they want to buy something from you. it's EXTREMELY annoying
|004| when posting please use this method
|005| promoting is okay, as long as it has something to do with this community (like it's a graphics commuinity), but please put all promotions under a cut. DO NOT POST RANKING COMMUNITES, AND DO NOT PROMOTE IN COMMENTS!
|006| when posting things like colorbars make sure you post the code with it! use the textarea code, NOT STARS


MOD APPLICATION (email it to me BEFORE May 17th):